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Happy Tails Cats

We're happy to tell you the cats below have found their furever homes.
Please visit our AVAILABLE CATS PAGE to see the pups currently available.

Bonnie Litter: Mom Kiki and brother Clyde
Malmo Litter: Sweden
Bender Litter: Futurama Litter
Stockholm Litter: Sweden
Pork Roll Litter: Trailer Kittens
Cairo Litter: Cairo
Luxor Litter: Cairo
Vasteras Litter: Sweden
Lavender Litter: Flower Litter
Caprese Litter: Salad Litter
Wedge Litter: Salad Litter
Caesar Litter: Salad Litter
Tossed Litter: Salad Litter
Waldorf Litter: Salad Litter
Lyche Litter: Lemon & Lime Litter
Thistle Litter: Weeds LItter
Anaar Litter: Weird Fruit
Hermione Litter: Mom to Harry Potter, Riverdale Litter and Felix and Casey
Raspberry Litter: Berries Litter
Narcissus Litter: Flower Litter
Gooseberry Litter: Berries Litter
Calla Lily Litter: Flower Litter
Ugli Litter: Ugly Fruit
Apollo Litter: Gods and Goddess
Gaia Litter: Gods and Goddess-Mom
Rhea Litter: Gods and Goddess
Kiki Litter: With Kittens Bonnie & Clyde
Dean Litter: Sam and Dean
Taylor Ham Litter: Trailer Kittens
Tater Tot Litter: Trailer Kittens
Fry Litter: Futurama Litter
Cobb Litter: Salad Litter
Rambutan Litter: Ugly Fruit
Gidget Litter: Secret Life of Pets
Benedict Litter: Eggs Litter
Saruman Litter: Wizard Litter
Snowball Litter: Secret Life of Pets
Tanager Litter: Birds Litter
Wren Litter: Birds Litter
Hyacinth Litter: Patch's Flower Litter
Tulip Litter: Patch's Flower Litter
Kudzu Litter: Weeds Litter (Derryclare)
Chloe Litter: Secret Life of Pets
Daisy Litter: Secret Life of Pets
Georgia Litter: Famous Painters
Linguine Litter: Pasta Litter
Thoth Litter: Wizard Litter
Minorca Litter: Spring Chickens Litter
Bantam Litter: Spring Chickens Litter
Orpington Litter: Spring Chickens Litter
Orloff Litter: Spring Chickens Litter
Catalana Litter: Spring Chickens
Merlin Litter: Wizard Litter
Radagast Litter: Wizard Litter
Primrose Litter: Primrose and Azalea, possible mom Zepherlily
Azalea Litter: Primrose and Azalea
Gandalf Litter: Wizard Litter
Rico Litter: Capacabana
Tony Litter: Copacabana Litter
Lola Litter: Copacabana Litter
Heart Litter: Heart and Soul
Calliope Litter: Hummingbird Litter
Ruby Litter: Hummingbird Litter
Mountaingem Litter: Hummingbird Litter
Roufous Litter: Hummingbird Litter
Costa Litter: Hummingbird Litter
Errigal Litter: Brother Dingle
Spaz Litter: brother Spaz
Spunk Litter: brother Spunk
Dingle Litter: Sister Errigal
Conavalla Litter: Brother Knockmoyle
Knockmoyle Litter: Sister Conavalla
Clyde Litter: Mom Kiki and sister Bonnie
Latke Litter: Hannukah
Kali Litter: Kali and Toby