All Fur One & One Fur All!

Happy Tails Cats

We're happy to tell you the cats below have found their furever homes.
Please visit our AVAILABLE CATS PAGE to see the pups currently available.

Robin Litter: Winnie The Pooh Litter
Latke Litter: Hannukah
Heart Litter: Heart and Soul
Regal Litter: Boat Litter
Kali Litter: Kali and Toby
Georgia Litter: Famous Painters
Errigal Litter: Brother Dingle
Dingle Litter: Sister Errigal
Conavalla Litter: Brother Knockmoyle
Knockmoyle Litter: Sister Conavalla
Kiki Litter: With Kittens Bonnie & Clyde
Bonnie Litter: Mom Kiki and brother Clyde
Clyde Litter: Mom Kiki and sister Bonnie
Veronica Litter: With sister Hilly
Spaz Litter: brother Spaz
Spunk Litter: brother Spunk
Rhea Litter: Gods and Goddess
Hermione Litter: Mom to Harry Potter, Riverdale Litter and Felix and Casey
Boris Litter: Natasha
Rico Litter: Capacabana
Tony Litter: Copacabana Litter
Lola Litter: Copacabana Litter
Dandelion Litter: Weeds Litter
Thistle Litter: Weeds LItter
Milkweed Litter: Weeds Litter
Kudzu Litter: Weeds Litter (Derryclare)
Pennycress Litter: Weeds Litter
Tulip Litter: Patch's Flower Litter
Hyacinth Litter: Patch's Flower Litter
Snapdragon Litter: Patch's Flower Litter
Dogwood Litter: Flower Litter
Oleander Litter: Flower Litter
Lavender Litter: Flower Litter
Narcissus Litter: Flower Litter
Cornflower Litter: Flower Litter
Calla Lily Litter: Flower Litter
Dahlia Litter: Flower Litter
Twentse Litter: Spring Chickens
Catalana Litter: Spring Chickens
Minorca Litter: Spring Chickens Litter
Orloff Litter: Spring Chickens Litter
Bantam Litter: Spring Chickens Litter
Lakenvelder Litter: Spring Chickens Litter
Orpington Litter: Spring Chickens Litter
Wren Litter: Birds Litter
Tanager Litter: Birds Litter
Swift Litter: Birds Litter
Jay Litter: Birds Litter
Nuthatch Litter: Magpie's Litter
Finch Litter: Birds Litter
Calliope Litter: Hummingbird Litter
Ruby Litter: Hummingbird Litter
Mountaingem Litter: Hummingbird Litter
Roufous Litter: Hummingbird Litter
Costa Litter: Hummingbird Litter
Primrose Litter: Primrose and Azalea, possible mom Zepherlily
Azalea Litter: Primrose and Azalea
Gandalf Litter: Wizard Litter
Merlin Litter: Wizard Litter
Radagast Litter: Wizard Litter
Saruman Litter: Wizard Litter
Thoth Litter: Wizard Litter
Silver Belle Litter: Spring Chicken Mom
Pancake Litter: Breakfast Litter
French Toast Litter: Breakfast Litter
Sunny Side Litter: Eggs Litter
Scramble Litter: Eggs Litter
Benedict Litter: Eggs Litter
Omelette Litter: Eggs Litter
Tater Tot Litter: Trailer Kittens
Pork Roll Litter: Trailer Kittens
Taylor Ham Litter: Trailer Kittens
Linguine Litter: Pasta Litter
Felix Litter: Hermione's 2nd Litter; Casey and Felix
Ambrosia Litter: Salad Litter
Tossed Litter: Salad Litter
Waldorf Litter: Salad Litter
Caesar Litter: Salad Litter
Wedge Litter: Salad Litter
Caprese Litter: Salad Litter
Cobb Litter: Salad Litter
Sloane Litter: Ferris Bueller
Ferris Litter: Ferris Bueller Litter
Cameron Litter: Ferris Bueller Litter
Sweet Pea Litter: Secret Life of Pets
Chloe Litter: Secret Life of Pets
Daisy Litter: Secret Life of Pets
Snowball Litter: Secret Life of Pets
Max Litter: Secret Life of Pets
Gidget Litter: Secret Life of Pets
Apollo Litter: Gods and Goddess
Gaia Litter: Gods and Goddess-Mom
Juniper Litter: Trees
Blackberry Litter: Berries Litter
Gooseberry Litter: Berries Litter
Raspberry Litter: Berries Litter
Lime Litter: Lemon & Lime Litter
Lemon Litter: Lemon & Lime Litter
Lyche Litter: Lemon & Lime Litter
Ugli Litter: Ugly Fruit
Noni Litter: Ugly Fruit
Rambutan Litter: Ugly Fruit
Anaar Litter: Weird Fruit
Anatto Litter: Weird Fruit
Janelle Litter: Sister Wives
Meri Litter: Sister Wives
Bonded With: Janelle  
Rineia Litter: Greek Islands
Naxos Litter: Greek Island Litter
Milos Litter: Greek Island Litter
Anafi Litter: Greek Island Litter
Syros Litter: Greek Island Litter
Paros Litter: Greek Island Litter
Fry Litter: Futurama Litter
Leela Litter: Futurama Litter
Bender Litter: Futurama Litter
Venus Litter: Planets Litter
Mars Litter: Planets Litter
Hunter Litter: Sister Wives
Gabriel Litter: Sister Wives
Madison Litter: Sister Wives
Logan Litter: Sister Wives
Robert Litter: Sister Wives
Kody Litter: Sister Wives Litter
Paedon Litter: Sister Wives Litter
Solomon Litter: Sister Wives Litter
Aspyn Litter: Sister Wives Litter
David Litter: Sister Wives Litter
Mykelti Litter: Sister Wives Litter
Luxor Litter: Cairo
Cairo Litter: Cairo
Stockholm Litter: Sweden
Uppsala Litter: Sweden
Gothenburg Litter: Sweden
Malmo Litter: Sweden
Vasteras Litter: Sweden
Antalya Litter: Turkey
Ankara Litter: Turkey
Izmir Litter: Turkey
Bursa Litter: Turkey
Istanbul Litter: Turkey
Adana Litter: Turkey
Jimma Litter: Ethiopia
Nazret Litter: Ethiopia
Dessie Litter: Ethiopia
Awasa Litter: Ethiopia
Gonder Litter: Ethiopia
Milan Litter: Italy
Palermo Litter: Italy
London Litter: England
Canterbury Litter: England
Bristol Litter: England
Coimbra Litter: Portugal
Lisbon Litter: Portugal
Berlin Litter: German
Dusseldorf Litter: German
Sao Paulo Litter: Brazil
Manaus Litter: Brazil
Salvator Litter: Brazil
899 Is Not Too Many Cats Litter: White cats
What? It’s the Same Cat! Litter: White cats
Still the Same Cat! Litter: White cats
It’s Not a Different Cat! Litter: White cats
He Was All Alone Litter: Never Too Many
Can Never Have Too Many Cats Litter: Never Too Many
She Followed Me Home Litter: Never Too Many
Dis One
Dat One
Biscotti Litter: Cookies Litter
Gingersnap Litter: Cookies Litter
Thin Mint Litter: Cookies Litter
Snickerdoodle Litter: Cookies Litter
Shortbread Litter: Cookies Litter
Sweet Potato Litter: Potatoes
Spud Litter: Potatoes
Iced Coffee Litter: Iced Coffee Litter
Frappe Litter: Iced Coffee Litter
Cold Brew Litter: Iced Coffee Litter
Nitro Litter: Iced Coffee Litter
Mazagran Litter: Iced Coffee Litter
Agave Litter: Sweet Toppings
Honey Litter: Sweet Toppings
Pumpkin Spice Litter: Coffee Flavors
Apple Crisp Litter: Coffee Flavors
Mocha Litter: Coffee Flavors
Starbucks Litter: Famous Cafes
Dunkin Litter: Famous Cafes
Muffin Litter: Coffee Food Litter
Scone Litter: Coffee Food Litter
Croissant Litter: Coffee Food Litter
Bagel Litter: Coffee Food Litter
Cake Pop Litter: Coffee Food Litter
Drizzle Litter: Sweet Toppings Litter
Syrup Litter: Sweet Toppings Litter
Sweet Cream Litter: Sweet Toppings Litter
Cinnamon Litter: Sweet Toppings Litter
Brown Sugar Litter: Sweet Toppings Litter
Catpurrccino Litter: Cat and Coffee Puns Litter
Ameowricano Litter: Cat and Coffee Puns
Catspresso Litter: Cat and Coffee Puns
Meowcchiato Litter: Cat and Coffee Puns
Meowcha Litter: Cat and Coffee Puns
Catffeine Litter: Cat and Coffee Puns
Pawfee Break Litter: Cat and Coffee Puns
Dumpling Litter: Tubers
Potato Litter: Tubers
Yam Litter: Tubers
Turnip Litter: Tubers
Dusty Litter: Three Amigos
Lucky Litter: Three Amigos
Ned Litter: Three Amigos
Oscar Litter: Fish
Marlin Litter: Fish
Rainbow Litter: Fish
Brook Litter: Fish
Flounder Litter: Fish
Potato Pancake Litter: Irish Food
Pub Pasta Litter: Irish Food
Shepherd’s Pie Litter: Irish Food
Hershey Litter: Food Litter (named by Ridgeway Elementary Jr. Impact Club)
Brownie Litter: Food Litter (named by Ridgeway Elementary Jr. Impact Club)
Cupcake Litter: Food Litter (named by Ridgeway Elementary Jr. Impact Club)
Nugget Litter: Food Litter (named by Ridgeway Elementary Jr. Impact Club)
Peanut Litter: Food Litter (named by Ridgeway Elementary Jr. Impact Club)
Fabuloso Litter: Spring Cleaning -Detergents
Cheer Litter: Spring Cleaning -Detergents
Gain Litter: Spring Cleaning -Detergents
Tide Litter: Spring Cleaning -Detergents
Amaretto Litter: Italian Food
Gnocchi Litter: Italian Food
Risotto Litter: Italian Food
Nutella Litter: Italian Foodies
Panettone Litter: Italian Foodies
Gorgonzola Litter: Italian Foodies
Pesto Litter: Italian Foodies
Espresso Litter: Italian Foodies
Pongo Litter: 101 Dalmeowtians
Jewel Litter: 101 Dalmeowtians
Purdy Litter: 101 Dalmeowtians
Fidget Litter: 101 Dalmeowtians
Cadpig Litter: 101 Dalmeowtians
Thunder Litter: 101 Dalmeowtians
Dipstick Litter: 101 Dalmeowtians
Rex Litter: R Litter
Ryder Litter: R Litter
Remi Litter: R Litter
Rowan Litter: R Litter
River Litter: R Litter
Rogue Litter: R Litter
Prue Litter: The Great British Bake Off
Chrystelle Litter: The Great British Bake Off
Chiggs Litter: The Great British Bake Off
Giuseppe Litter: The Great British Bake Off
Jurgen Litter: The Great British Bake Off
Diane Litter: BoJack Horseman Litter
Sarah Lynn Litter: BoJack Horseman Litter
Princess Carolyn Litter: BoJack Horseman Litter
Mr. Peanutbutter Litter: BoJack Horseman Litter
Bojack Horseman Litter: BoJack Horseman Litter
Petunia Litter: P is for Pet Litter
Polly Litter: P is for Pet Litter
Pip Litter: P is for Pet Litter
Portia Litter: P is for Pet Litter
Pierre Litter: P is for Pet Litter
Pickles Litter: Rugrats Litter
Lil Litter: Rugrats Litter
Chucky Litter: Rugrats Litter
Reptar Litter: Rugrats Litter
Angelica Litter: Rugrats Litter
Cynthia Litter: Rugrats Litter
Tommy Litter: Rugrats Litter
Dill Litter: Rugrats Litter
Phil Litter: Rugrats Litter
Sponge Bob Litter: Sponge Bob Litter
Patrick Star Litter: Sponge Bob Litter
Sandy Cheeks Litter: Sponge Bob Litter
Mrs. Puff Litter: Sponge Bob Litter
Squidward Litter: Sponge Bob Litter
Mr. Krabs Litter: Sponge Bob Litter
Mrs. Norris Litter: Harry Potter Animals
Hedwig Litter: Harry Potter Animals
Crookshanks Litter: Harry Potter Animals
Padfoot Litter: Harry Potter Animals
Bam Bam Litter: Flintstones Litter
Pebbles Litter: Flintstones Litter
Kate Litter: The Big 3; This is Us
Kevin Litter: The Big 3; This is Us
Randall Litter: The Big 3; This is Us
Mewtwo Litter: Pokemon Litter
Bonded With: Uppsala  
Jigglypuff Litter: Pokemon Litter
Pikachu Litter: Pokemon Litter
Topanga Litter: Boy Meets World
Cory Litter: Boy Meets World
Krumm Litter: Ahh! Real Monsters
Zimbo Litter: Ahh! Real Monsters
The Gromble Litter: Ahh! Real Monsters
Ickis Litter: Ahh! Real Monsters
Tardar Sauce Litter: Famous Cats
Colonel Meow Litter: Famous Cats
Lil Bub Litter: Famous Cats
Ursula Litter: Little Mermaid
Prince Eric Litter: Little Mermaid
Calypso Litter: Sea Myths
Atlantis Litter: Sea Myths
Mermaid Litter: Sea Myths
Poseidon Litter: Sea Myths
Hang Ten Litter: Surfer Slang
Twin Fin Litter: Sea Shanty Transport
Breaker Litter: Waves Litter
Bonded With: Swell  
Swell Litter: Waves Litter
Surf Litter: Waves Litter
Ripple Litter: Waves Litter
Billow Litter: Waves Litter
High Tide Litter: Tides Litter
Hammerhead Litter: Shark Litter
Tiger Shark Litter: Shark Litter
Sharkfin Mako Litter: Shark Litter
One Eyed Willy Litter: Pirates
Pegtail Pete Litter: Pirates
Calico Jackie Litter: Pirates
Alegria Litter: Cirque du Soleil
Nouba Litter: Cirque du Soleil
Bonded With: Parker  
Alice Litter: Alice In Wonderland
Tweedledee Litter: Alice In Wonderland
Tweedledum Litter: Alice In Wonderland
Mad Hatter Litter: Alice In Wonderland
Cheshire Cat Litter: Alice In Wonderland
Rider Litter: College Litter
Clemson Litter: College Litter
Seton Litter: College Litter
Maui Litter: Hawaii
Kauai Litter: Hawaii
Oahu Litter: Hawaii
Mrs. Hattie Litter: Despicable Me Litter
Margo Gru Litter: Despicable Me Litter
Edith Litter: Despicable Me Litter
Felonious Gru Litter: Despicable Me Litter