All Fur One & One Fur All!
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Happy Tails Cats

We're happy to tell you the cats below have found their furever homes.
Please visit our AVAILABLE CATS PAGE to see the pups currently available.

Squidward Litter: Sponge Bob Litter
River Litter: R Litter
Cadpig Litter: 101 Dalmeowtians
Mrs. Norris Litter: Harry Potter Animals
Ursula Litter: Little Mermaid
Dribble Litter: March Meowness Litter
Dunk Litter: March Meowness Litter
Calypso Litter: Sea Myths
Mermaid Litter: Sea Myths
Kean Litter: NJ Colleges
Jimma Litter: Ethiopia
Rodney Litter: Hallmark Reindeer
Dessie Litter: Ethiopia
Smokey Litter: Gray Litter
Fried Pickles Litter: Carnival Food
Alegria Litter: Cirque du Soleil
Hang Ten Litter: Surfer Slang
Twin Fin Litter: Sea Shanty Transport
Grizabella Litter: Cats Musical
Bombalurina Litter: Cats Musical
Atlantis Litter: Sea Myths
Crookshanks Litter: Harry Potter Animals
Oxford Litter: Overseas Universities
Regal Litter: Boat Litter
Flounder Litter: Fish
Marlin Litter: Fish
Portia Litter: P is for Pet Litter
Zuri Litter: Lion King Litter
Zira Litter: Lion King Litter
Ms. Cobel Litter: Severance Litter
The Gromble Litter: Ahh! Real Monsters
Nala Litter: Lion King Litter
Kiara Litter: Lion King Litter
Simba Litter: Lion King Litter
Old Deuteronomy Litter: Cats Musical
Rum Tug Tugger Litter: Cats Musical
Macavity Litter: Cats Musical
Rumpleteazer Litter: Cats Musical
Irving Litter: Severance Litter
Pickles Litter: Rugrats Litter
Skimbleshanks Litter: Cats Musical
Carbuckety Litter: Cats Musical
Mr. Mistoffelees Litter: Cats Musical
Rumpus Cat Litter: Cats Musical
Ramapo Litter: NJ Colleges
Krumm Litter: Ahh! Real Monsters
Rhonda Litter: Hallmark Reindeer
Mr. Krabs Litter: Sponge Bob Litter
Lil Litter: Rugrats Litter
Tennessee Lamb Litter: Little Feat Litter
Harvard Litter: Ivy League Colleges
Pongo Litter: 101 Dalmeowtians
Poseidon Litter: Sea Myths
Jolly Rancher Litter: Halloween Candy
Columbia Litter: Ivy League Colleges
Yale Litter: Ivy League Colleges
Droplet Litter: Dewy & Droplet
Dewy Litter: Dewy & Droplet
Mrs. Hattie Litter: Despicable Me Litter
Purrfection Litter: Cat Nicknames
Meow-velous Litter: Cat Nicknames
Mesmerizing Meow Litter: Cat Nicknames
Pretty Kitty Litter: Cat Nicknames
Laser Chaser Litter: Cat Nicknames
Loaf Litter: Cat Nicknames
Alex Litter: Witches of Eastwick Litter
Dixie Chicken Litter: Little Feat Litter
Little Feat Litter: Little Feat Litter
Montclair Litter: NJ Colleges
Calvin Litter: Calvin and Hobbes
Hobbes Litter: Calvin and Hobbes
Robin Litter: Winnie The Pooh Litter
Frankie Litter: Grace and Frankie
Grace Litter: Grace and Frankie
Bonded With: Frankie  
Gemma Litter: Severance Litter
Helly Litter: Severance Litter
Princeton Litter: Ivy League Colleges
Acadia Litter: National Parks Litter
Gonder Litter: Ethiopia
Rider Litter: College Litter
Felonious Gru Litter: Despicable Me Litter
Agnes Litter: Despicable Me Litter
Brookdale Litter: NJ Colleges
Clemson Litter: College Litter
Dr. Nafario Litter: Despicable Me Litter
Zimbo Litter: Ahh! Real Monsters
Alice Litter: Alice In Wonderland
Highlander Litter: College Mascots
Scarlet Knights Litter: College Mascot
Dipstick Litter: 101 Dalmeowtians
Mark Litter: Severance Litter
Veronica Litter: With sister Hilly
Breaker Litter: Waves Litter
Bonded With: Swell  
Topanga Litter: Boy Meets World
Cheshire Cat Litter: Alice In Wonderland
Tweedledum Litter: Alice In Wonderland
Seton Litter: College Litter
Shadow Litter: Gray Litter
Prue Litter: The Great British Bake Off
Edith Litter: Despicable Me Litter
Margo Gru Litter: Despicable Me Litter
Yosemite Litter: National Parks Litter
Burt Litter: Severance Litter
Denali Litter: National Parks Litter
Tweedledee Litter: Alice In Wonderland
Mad Hatter Litter: Alice In Wonderland
Sequoia Litter: National Parks Litter
Bonded With: Parker  
Colonel Meow Litter: Famous Cats
Kauai Litter: Hawaii
Oahu Litter: Hawaii
Angelica Litter: Rugrats Litter
Maui Litter: Hawaii
Turnip Litter: Tubers
Prince Eric Litter: Little Mermaid
Reptar Litter: Rugrats Litter
Billow Litter: Waves Litter
Robert Litter: Sister Wives
Low Tide Litter: Tides Litter
Ebb Tide Litter: Tides Litter
Phil Litter: Rugrats Litter
Tommy Litter: Rugrats Litter
High Tide Litter: Tides Litter
Chucky Litter: Rugrats Litter
Giuseppe Litter: The Great British Bake Off
Surf Litter: Waves Litter
Sponge Bob Litter: Sponge Bob Litter
Ripple Litter: Waves Litter
One Eyed Willy Litter: Pirates
Pegtail Pete Litter: Pirates
Calico Jackie Litter: Pirates
Patrick Star Litter: Sponge Bob Litter
Cynthia Litter: Rugrats Litter
Bam Bam Litter: Flintstones Litter
Pebbles Litter: Flintstones Litter
Hammerhead Litter: Shark Litter
Tiger Shark Litter: Shark Litter
Sharkfin Mako Litter: Shark Litter
Gothenburg Litter: Sweden
Hedwig Litter: Harry Potter Animals
Kate Litter: The Big 3; This is Us
Randall Litter: The Big 3; This is Us
Kevin Litter: The Big 3; This is Us
Rex Litter: R Litter
Jigglypuff Litter: Pokemon Litter
Pikachu Litter: Pokemon Litter
Cory Litter: Boy Meets World
Mr. Peanutbutter Litter: BoJack Horseman Litter
Bojack Horseman Litter: BoJack Horseman Litter
Diane Litter: BoJack Horseman Litter
Sarah Lynn Litter: BoJack Horseman Litter
Polly Litter: P is for Pet Litter
Jurgen Litter: The Great British Bake Off
Hershey Litter: Food Litter (named by Ridgeway Elementary Jr. Impact Club)
Petunia Litter: P is for Pet Litter
Pip Litter: P is for Pet Litter
Pierre Litter: P is for Pet Litter
Ryder Litter: R Litter
Remi Litter: R Litter
Chrystelle Litter: The Great British Bake Off
Chiggs Litter: The Great British Bake Off
Nutella Litter: Italian Foodies
Brownie Litter: Food Litter (named by Ridgeway Elementary Jr. Impact Club)
Peanut Litter: Food Litter (named by Ridgeway Elementary Jr. Impact Club)
Espresso Litter: Italian Foodies
Cornflower Litter: Flower Litter
Venus Litter: Planets Litter
Cupcake Litter: Food Litter (named by Ridgeway Elementary Jr. Impact Club)
Nugget Litter: Food Litter (named by Ridgeway Elementary Jr. Impact Club)
Gain Litter: Spring Cleaning -Detergents
Risotto Litter: Italian Food
Panettone Litter: Italian Foodies
Amaretto Litter: Italian Food
Gorgonzola Litter: Italian Foodies
Boris Litter: Natasha
Gnocchi Litter: Italian Food
Rowan Litter: R Litter
Fabuloso Litter: Spring Cleaning -Detergents
Berlin Litter: German
Lisbon Litter: Portugal
Cheer Litter: Spring Cleaning -Detergents
Tide Litter: Spring Cleaning -Detergents
Pesto Litter: Italian Foodies
Finch Litter: Birds Litter
Nazret Litter: Ethiopia
Oleander Litter: Flower Litter
Muffin Litter: Coffee Food Litter
Potato Pancake Litter: Irish Food
Janelle Litter: Sister Wives
Meri Litter: Sister Wives
Bonded With: Janelle  
Catpurrccino Litter: Cat and Coffee Puns Litter
Dusty Litter: Three Amigos
Ned Litter: Three Amigos
Pub Pasta Litter: Irish Food
Shepherd’s Pie Litter: Irish Food
Ankara Litter: Turkey
Lucky Litter: Three Amigos
Oscar Litter: Fish
Brook Litter: Fish
Rainbow Litter: Fish
Sweet Pea Litter: Secret Life of Pets
Pennycress Litter: Weeds Litter
Mars Litter: Planets Litter
Milkweed Litter: Weeds Litter
Scramble Litter: Eggs Litter
Sunny Side Litter: Eggs Litter
Pumpkin Spice Litter: Coffee Flavors
Snapdragon Litter: Patch's Flower Litter
Palermo Litter: Italy
Dandelion Litter: Weeds Litter
Ambrosia Litter: Salad Litter
Blackberry Litter: Berries Litter
Naxos Litter: Greek Island Litter
Milos Litter: Greek Island Litter
Paros Litter: Greek Island Litter
Juniper Litter: Trees
Mocha Litter: Coffee Flavors
Felix Litter: Hermione's 2nd Litter; Casey and Felix
Apple Crisp Litter: Coffee Flavors
Swift Litter: Birds Litter
Jay Litter: Birds Litter
Logan Litter: Sister Wives
Lime Litter: Lemon & Lime Litter
Lemon Litter: Lemon & Lime Litter
Awasa Litter: Ethiopia
Yam Litter: Tubers
Cold Brew Litter: Iced Coffee Litter
Mazagran Litter: Iced Coffee Litter
Meowcha Litter: Cat and Coffee Puns
Croissant Litter: Coffee Food Litter
Syrup Litter: Sweet Toppings Litter
Dumpling Litter: Tubers
Potato Litter: Tubers
Agave Litter: Sweet Toppings
Pawfee Break Litter: Cat and Coffee Puns
Catffeine Litter: Cat and Coffee Puns
Honey Litter: Sweet Toppings
Sweet Cream Litter: Sweet Toppings Litter
Drizzle Litter: Sweet Toppings Litter
Cinnamon Litter: Sweet Toppings Litter
Dunkin Litter: Famous Cafes
Brown Sugar Litter: Sweet Toppings Litter
Iced Coffee Litter: Iced Coffee Litter
Nitro Litter: Iced Coffee Litter
David Litter: Sister Wives Litter
Silver Belle Litter: Spring Chicken Mom
Sweet Potato Litter: Potatoes
Spud Litter: Potatoes
French Toast Litter: Breakfast Litter
Pancake Litter: Breakfast Litter
Frappe Litter: Iced Coffee Litter
Starbucks Litter: Famous Cafes
Ameowricano Litter: Cat and Coffee Puns
Catspresso Litter: Cat and Coffee Puns
Lakenvelder Litter: Spring Chickens Litter
Twentse Litter: Spring Chickens
Bristol Litter: England
Aspyn Litter: Sister Wives Litter
Meowcchiato Litter: Cat and Coffee Puns
Milan Litter: Italy
Bagel Litter: Coffee Food Litter
Scone Litter: Coffee Food Litter
Istanbul Litter: Turkey
Izmir Litter: Turkey
Adana Litter: Turkey
Coimbra Litter: Portugal
Kody Litter: Sister Wives Litter
Omelette Litter: Eggs Litter
Thin Mint Litter: Cookies Litter
Snickerdoodle Litter: Cookies Litter
Anafi Litter: Greek Island Litter
Syros Litter: Greek Island Litter
Canterbury Litter: England
London Litter: England
Dusseldorf Litter: German
Biscotti Litter: Cookies Litter
Gingersnap Litter: Cookies Litter
Shortbread Litter: Cookies Litter
Bursa Litter: Turkey
Dogwood Litter: Flower Litter
Madison Litter: Sister Wives
Paedon Litter: Sister Wives Litter
Mykelti Litter: Sister Wives Litter
Manaus Litter: Brazil
Nuthatch Litter: Magpie's Litter
He Was All Alone Litter: Never Too Many
Sao Paulo Litter: Brazil
Leela Litter: Futurama Litter
Sloane Litter: Ferris Bueller
She Followed Me Home Litter: Never Too Many
Antalya Litter: Turkey
Solomon Litter: Sister Wives Litter
Gabriel Litter: Sister Wives
Still the Same Cat! Litter: White cats
It’s Not a Different Cat! Litter: White cats
What? It’s the Same Cat! Litter: White cats
899 Is Not Too Many Cats Litter: White cats
Anatto Litter: Weird Fruit
Hunter Litter: Sister Wives
Salvator Litter: Brazil
Can Never Have Too Many Cats Litter: Never Too Many
Dat One
Max Litter: Secret Life of Pets
Cameron Litter: Ferris Bueller Litter
Ferris Litter: Ferris Bueller Litter
Rineia Litter: Greek Islands
Dis One
Bonnie Litter: Mom Kiki and brother Clyde
Malmo Litter: Sweden
Bender Litter: Futurama Litter
Stockholm Litter: Sweden
Pork Roll Litter: Trailer Kittens
Cairo Litter: Cairo
Luxor Litter: Cairo
Vasteras Litter: Sweden
Lavender Litter: Flower Litter
Caprese Litter: Salad Litter
Wedge Litter: Salad Litter
Caesar Litter: Salad Litter
Tossed Litter: Salad Litter
Waldorf Litter: Salad Litter