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All Fur One's mission is to create a community focused, pet adoption center run by like-minded volunteers with a passion for rescuing dogs and cats.   AFO strives to reduce the homeless pet population by forming collaborative partnerships with shelters in under served areas to offer transport, safety and long term assistance to rescued pets and their future adoptive families.

Adoption Center

All Fur One (AFO) is a volunteer-run pet rescue and adoption center located in Silverton-Toms River, NJ.  Our 2,300 square foot facility provides a (temporary) loving home for rescued pets thanks to our amazingly dedicated team of animal lovers.

We approach animal welfare differently than most expect.  Our center is bright and airy - clean, organized and filled with happy pets that enjoy being in our care while they prepare to meet their adopters and happy volunteers who enjoy being their interim family.  Some of the amenities in our center include:

  • Volunteers' Lounge with Snacks & Coffee
  • Indoor Playroom & Outdoor Playspace for Our Puppers
  • Large - Free Roaming Suites Filled with Toys and Perches for Our Kitties

Rescued is A Beautiful Breed

Our pets are rescued from shelters in underserved communities.  All of our dogs and cats deserve to feel loved and know they are wanted.  Each pet in our care has their own story which defines their individual personality, behavior and needs.  We provide proper veterinary care and offer a consistent routine to allow for any necessary behavior modification to happen in a healthy and positive way.

Demands for visual breed typing and/or size requirements are contributing to larger scale issues which are impacting the ability for pets and their families to stay together during life changes.  Every single pet in our care is beautiful and discrimination towards color, sex, coat-type, size and/or species is an outdated archetype All Fur One is determined to have all our adopters rise above.  With that, AFO has stopped participating in visual breed typing practices that are detrimental to our cause and therefore all veterinary records and pet profiles for dogs will reflect "Mix" as the breed.

Animal Farm Foundation supports All Fur One Pet Rescue & Adoptions for ending the practice of breed labeling the dogs in their care. Scientific evidence proves visual breed identification is inaccurate in dogs of unknown parentage and assigning such labels can result in a lifetime of unintended consequences ~~ 

Love is Love

We believe in promoting responsible pet ownership through education and appropriate matchmaking.  We believe it's important for humans and pets to have equal opportunities... especially to love and be loved without fear of discrimination based on looks or systemic challenges.

A Day In Their Life

Cats have a busy schedule - mornings are for bird watching out the huge windows, afternoons are for napping and evenings are for sleuthing around the facility doing whatever it is cats do when they are granted free for all access to explore!

Dogs have an equally jam packed routine.  Mornings consist of meditative walks in the woods to the sacred poop tree, afternoons are for playgroups and socialization and evenings are for strolls around the block, last minute zoomies and cookie-on-your-pillow turndown service.

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