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The most valuable assets human beings possess are hearts full of love and hands willing to help.

AFO always welcomes helping hands!

We are constantly welcoming new volunteers to help maintain our newly constructed, state of the art facility that serves as a home for some of the pets in our care.  As an AFO volunteer – you will become part of a loyal and dedicated community… you will meet like-minded individuals, make new friends and fall in love over and over with our rescued pets!  Not to mention, you will be a large contributor to the safe harbor of animals that would otherwise be unwanted, homeless or unnecessarily euthanized.

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Flexible Schedule

We understand our volunteers’ time is valuable – so we allow complete freedom in offering hours of service to us.  We believe a flexible schedule promotes stress-free volunteering since each volunteer is in control of how they allocate the personal time they are dedicating to the animals in our care.  Every volunteer completes a “Monthly Commitment” form telling us how many shifts/hours they plan to volunteer and then are asked to hold themselves accountable for signing up on the schedule to complete those shifts/hours.   

Tasks & Responsibilities

AFO functions as a cooperative effort.  There are a specific set of tasks that need to be completed each day and volunteer’s are encouraged to engage with each other and work together by discussing the needs of the facility through active participation in our private team group page.  The primary responsibility as a volunteer is caring for the well-being of the animals in our care which includes walking, feeding and socializing pets plus meeting the basic daily needs required to ensure a safe and “homey” feeling space for all of them.

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Happy Volunteers Means Happy Rescued Pets

Some of our pets are in Foster Homes.  The remainder are in our “Foster Facility”.  AFO’s pets do not stay in a “shelter” – our facility was created to replicate a “Home before they are Home” environment designed to ensure our pets are happy, playful, loving and ready to transition easily into a home setting.  Every day, our dogs spend many hours in our playroom with their buddies or outside walking with volunteers.  Our kitties hang out in their studio apartments, free to roam about and pick their own perfect sleeping spot but most often can be found hanging out in the windows watching leaves, birds and locals walk by.  But it’s not all about the pets…Our facility also boasts a comfy volunteer lounge with books for swapping, COFFEE, snacks and other goodies to show our appreciation! 

Rescue Love

The next best thing to adopting a pet - is making them feel loved and at home in our care.

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Marketing Team

AFO welcomes social media savvy volunteers!  We are always looking for teammates interested in developing and maintaining social media platforms, creative advertisers, creating/editing newsletters, maintaining contact lists and promoting all of our adoptable pets through a “virtual rescue” experience!

Adoption Teams

AFO’s Adoption teams screen applications, coordinate virtual home visits/vet checks, spend time discussing adopters needs/expectations and guiding them to “best practices” on training, transitioning into homes and responsible pet care.

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Fundraising Team

AFO’s fundraising team is responsible for creating fun and educational events and seeking out fundraiser possibilities both online and within the community.  AFO became known for our fun puppy and kitten weekend events and we look forward to having such awesome events again soon!

Foster Teams

AFO is always seeking safe homes with loving caretakers.  Foster families are crucial to our organization and give us the opportunity to rescue more animals than we can house in our facility.  All you need is a small space, love and a 1-2 weeks of your hospitality – we provide the rest!

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Can't Volunteer? Help Support Us!

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