The most valuable assets human beings possess are hearts full of love and hands willing to help.


AFO is always looking for extra hands to help maintain our newly constructed, state of the art facility.  As an AFO volunteer – you will become part of a loyal and dedicated community… you will meet like-minded individuals, make new friends and fall in love over and over with our rescued pets!  Not to mention, you will be a large contributor to the safe harbor of animals that would otherwise be unwanted, homeless or unnecessarily euthanized.

Flexible Schedule

While we do have minimum participation requirements, we understand our volunteers’ time is valuable – so we allow complete freedom in offering hours of service to us.  Every volunteer has a link to our sign up schedule which they can add themselves to shifts that are most convenient.  We believe a flexible schedule promotes stress-free volunteering since each volunteer is in control of how they allocate the personal time they are dedicating to the animals in our care.  This schedule system also encourages volunteers to engage with each other and work together by discussing the needs of the facility through active participation in our private team group page.

Tasks & Responsibilities

Each volunteer is responsible to assist with caring for our pets at least 4 times a month.  Shifts begin at 5am and typically the pets are tucked in bed by 7pm.  There’s an approximately 7 shifts a day averaging 2 hours per shift. (Reminder, shifts are flexible – so you are not required to come at the exact start time or stay until the end time listed and you can do multiple shifts a day).  Responsibilities include sanitizing all areas of the facility, feeding, walking dogs, socializing with pets and during public hours includes greeting potential adopters and show off pets in our care.

Happy Rescued Pets & Volunteers

AFO is a home for pets in our care.  The first few days any new pet comes into our care, they can be scared or upset and a little traumatized.  Within 3-5 days, our rescued pets are decompressed and understand their routine with us… They flourish and quickly become happy, loving pets who believe they are livin’ their best life!  Most of our cats are free roaming 24/7  and we strive to have our dogs in the playroom between 6-8 hrs per day as our facility runs more like a “day care” than a “shelter”.  In addition, many volunteers take dogs out of the facility on car rides, day trips, park adventures and sleep overs… and you won’t even feel bad bringing them back because they get EXCITED to see their friends again!  But it’s not all about the pets…We boast a comfy volunteer lounge for book swapping, COFFEE, snacking and breaks if staying for several hours.

Marketing Team

AFO welcomes social media savvy volunteers!  We are always looking for teammates interested in developing and maintaining social media platforms, creative advertisers, creating/editing newsletters, maintaining contact lists and promoting all of our adoptable pets through a “virtual rescue” experience!

adoptions team

AFO’s Adoption team members promote our adoptable dogs and cats at adoption events, assist with transports, complete home inspections and/or help process applications (vet checks, etc).

Rescue Love

The next best thing to adopting a pet - is making them feel loved while in a rescue.

fundraising team

We are eagerly looking for new team members proficient in leading event planning (large and small) and implementing creative fundraising ideas. AFO’s fundraising team is responsible for creating fun and educational events and seeking out fundraiser possibilities both online and within the community.

foster team

AFO is always seeking safe spaces in homes with loving caretakers.  Foster families are crucial to our organization. At least once a month we will be rescuing pregnant moms or puppies/kittens under 8 weeks old that need a temporary place to stay while they are in their most vulnerable states.  All you need is a small space, love and a few weeks of your kindness – we provide the rest!

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