All Fur One & One Fur All!



Fostering Saves 2 Lives at Once

... the pet you have welcomed into your home and another homeless pet that was able to take your foster's place at the rescue facility...


Everyone who has a space they can keep a pet isolated (small bedroom, airy and bright basement, spare bathroom, large laundry room) from other pets is encouraged to apply to foster!  Fosters with personal pets must have their pets up to date on preventative vaccinations to prevent cross contamination of any illnesses.  A full fenced yard is not required but limits the type of dogs/puppies allowed at your home.  We understand that fosters all have different living situations, work schedules and household members and we place pets in need with fosters that can/are willing to accommodate those needs.

Length of Time

AFO generally has a lengthy pre-approved adopters list waiting for adoptable pets to become available.  All new pets transported from kill-shelters are required to fulfill a “quarantine hold” to ensure they are evaluated and healthy prior to adoption.  Adult dogs are usually adopted after 3-5 days and puppies are normally adopted after 14 days.

No Expense

All necessary supplies and medical costs are covered by AFO.  Any extra special items you purchase for your foster is at your own expense.  The only time a foster is ever financially responsible for foster related costs is if they have explicitly gone against the rules and taken matters into their own hands without permission (so far hasn’t happened).

Picking a Foster

AFO generally posts available rescues to our team page and any approved foster is able to “pick” their pets within their approval limitations.  Fosters are asked to volunteer their home/time at least once a month to remain active within our organization.

Foster to Adopt

AFO does not approve fosters interested in fostering one time, in the hope they find a pet for themselves. At times we understand some fosters fall madly in love with “that special one” – but the main objective of a foster at AFO is to provide a selfless act of giving pets a chance to find their loving home, not to see if they want to adopt after “trying out” pet ownership for a few weeks.  Our fosters do not have “first pick” of adoptable pets, our pre-approved adopters do, so please consider this before applying to foster.

Can't Foster? Volunteer!

You won't regret becoming roommates with the lives you helped to save.