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Meowturnity Ward

Meowturnity Ward and Recovery Room

The cats listed here are not yet eligible for adoption for various reasons:

From time to time cats pulled from shelters or trapped are discovered to be days away from delivery.  These "Queens" are kept in foster care to allow for a stress-free delivery.  Mom and all kittens are cared for through weaning age (8 weeks) at which time the entire family is spayed/neutered and will be ready for adoption.

We also get orphans that are bottle fed or just too young to be eligible for adoption.

The rest are not available due to temporary medical conditions that they are being treated for or have a terminal illness. These cats and kittens are in wonderful foster homes treated like their own pets and receiving daily medical care. Please take a moment to read their bios and consider making a donation to help with their medical treatment and care. 

All kittens and cats on this page are not yet eligible for adoption and we are not accepting applications for them.


He's not a cat! He's a 100% pure-bred Love Bug!!

02/23/2019 (Estimated)
Bonded With: Frik  

Not accepting applications. Please read his bio if you can help with his medical treatment.


Not available for adoption. Please read her bio on how you can help Mrs. Meyers .

04/01/2013 (Estimated)
Piglet Litter: P Litter

Not accepting applications at this time. Please click on my bio to see how you can help me get better...

03/30/2022 (Estimated)

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