"Be open to adopting a pet that needs you - not just a specific type of pet you think you need."

2021 eAdoption Policy

As of January 7, 2021, our entire adoption process has changed to meet the demands of adoption in consideration of COVID restrictions and precautions to ensure the safety and well being of our volunteers.  PLEASE read the information below so you have an understanding of what to expect from us.  If you are not satisfied with our process, we encourage you to go to your local shelter and adopt one of the equally deserving dogs or cats available that are accommodating “Walk-In” adopters.  

Any adoptable animals for which we are accepting applications from the public will be available via the adoptable links below.  Please read through our Application & Pre-Approved Adopter Policies carefully.

Application Process

The online application process is as simple as this:

  • Take 5 minutes of your time to complete the online application. 
  • Initial Application Screening will be performed within 3-5 days (depending on weekends/holidays)
  • Processing Coordinators will then reach out to introduce themselves via TEXT MESSAGE to schedule your Virtual Home Visit (VHV) and confirm outstanding requirements like Vet Check Authorization or Personal Reference Responses.  During your (VHV), you will have a Discovery Conversation to discuss what your lifestyle needs/wants are in a puppy/dog which prompt personalized guidance/education topics intended to ensure you and your new addition have the best possible transition at adoption.
  • *Become Pre-Approved to Adopt
  • eSign Adoption Contract
*All Fur One does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender expression, age, height, weight, marital status, housing/yard type or age of/number of children in the home.  With that, please note that not everyone who applies to adopt is guaranteed to become a Pre-Approved Adopter.

Pre-Approved Adopter Details

We encourage anyone considering adoption to complete an online application.  Once you become a “Pre-Approved Adopter” you will be eligible to adopt any of the dogs/cats available in the rescue for up to 4 months.  There is no obligation to adopt if pre-approved or up front cost to apply.   Pre-approved adopters receive “first look” at all new adoptables prior to opening applications for them to the public.


Dogs & Puppies

As soon as AFO schedules a transport date, Pre-Approved adopters will be notified of a “Release Date” for which they can expect a text message with a link to all new adoptables.  

The Preapproved Adopter Link contains the following:

  • Glamour Shot
  • Profile Details + Bio
  • Virtual Meet & Greet
  • *Pre-Approved Adopter Selection Form
  • **Schedule for Adoption Days & Pick A Pup Events
  • ***Pre-Approved Adopter Commitment Deadline (final date to commit to a dog/puppy before available dogs/puppies are publicly promoted as available with applications will be accepted)
*The Pre-Approved Adopter Selection Form is a quick form that instantly communicates to us the following:
  • If you want to commit to adopt a dog/puppy based on the virtual meet and greet provided OR if you prefer to meet dogs/puppies in person
  • If committing to adopt, you mark the dogs/puppies you would welcome into your home as a part of your family.  You can also mark that you would like us to match you with a dog/puppy that best meets your needs based on the Discovery Conversation you had during your Virtual Home Visit.
  • If you prefer to meet dogs in person, you will be notified at least 2 days in advanced of a “Pick a Pup” event and asked to check our website to view dogs/puppies that will still be available for adoption that day to determine if you still want to attend.
**Schedule of Adoption Days & Events will always be:
  • Adoptions for Adult dogs (7 months or over) will always be scheduled the first Saturday after cleared from quarantine (usually by day 3) and marked available (usually 5 days)
  • Adoptions for Puppies (Under 7 months) will always be scheduled for the first Saturday after cleared from quarantine (usually by day 15) and marked available.  Some puppies between the age of 4 months and 7 months will be cleared for adoption on the same schedule as the adults – but you will be notified in advanced.
  • Pick a Pup Events for dogs will always be the Sunday after the scheduled Adult Dog Adoption Day AND the Sunday thereafter Puppy Adoption Day.  Keep in mind these events will only be held if any dogs are still available on those dates.
  • Pick a Pup Events for puppies will always be the Sunday after the scheduled Puppy Adoption Day.  Keep in mind, these events will only be held if any puppies are still available on this date.
***Pre-Approved Adopter Commitment Deadline will always be no more than 7 days from the date the Pre-Approved Adopter Link is sent.
If you do not see an “Adoptable Dogs & Puppies” link directly below this message – it means we are not currently accepting applications on pets in our care, though it is subject to change frequently and often.  You can however, complete the Potential Adopter Email Sign Up, which will become available when applications are closed.

Cats & Kittens

All adoptable cats and kittens are available on our website, which is updated regularly.  Pre-Approved Adopters are offered “insight” as to kittens that may be coming available soon based on age but in general, all adoptables are viewable by Pre-Approved Adopters and the public.  

Commitment Deposits:

Any kitten listed as available (meaning accepting applications) but has not met the required age/weight/alter criteria to be cleared for adoption will be eligible for a “Commitment” deposit.  This is a $50, Non-Refundable, deposit intended to encourage adopters to complete their adoption at the time of clearance.  Once a commitment deposit is paid, the kitten will be marked as pending adoption and further applications will not be accepted.

Adoption Days:
Adoptions will be scheduled at a mutually convenient time for the Adopter and Adoption Coordinator.

Adoption Fees

Our adoption fees vary depending on the species and age of available pets.


Dogs & Puppies

Dogs between 7 months through 6 years of age $300
Senior Dogs 7 years or older $250


Puppies through 6 months of age $400

  • A $100 “Promise to Alter” deposit is required on canines adopted prior to being spayed/neutered which will be refunded upon certification of alter.  
  • Puppies are not cleared for adoption until they are at least 8 weeks old and have satisfied a minimum 14 day quarantine period.

Cats & Kittens

Cats between 7 months through 6 years of age $100
Senior Cats 7 years or older $65

Kittens through 6 months of age

  • Single Kitten $150
  • Pair of Kittens $200 (can be any two kittens adopted at the same time, not just littermates)
  • Kittens are not cleared for adoption until they are at least 8 weeks/2lbs, altered and have satisfied a minimum 14 day quarantine period.

Included in Adoption Fee

All of our pets receive age appropriate preventive veterinary care to include:

  • Adoption Kit (Contract, Records, Important Info., etc)
  • Microchipping & Registration
  • Spaying/Neutering of cats/kittens 
  •  Spaying/Neutering of adult dogs (7 months and older)
  • State sponsored spay/neuter eligibility for dogs (6 months and younger)
  •  Vaccinations to include: Distemper and Rabies
  •  Feline FIV/FELV  testing for Cats
  • Heartworm testing for dogs
  •  Deworming for intestinal parasites as required*
  •  Ear Cleaning & Nail Clipping
  •  Flea & Tick treatment
Pets also are adopted with a Trupanion Pet Insurance Policy Certificate which provides one month of insurance for your new pet if activated within 24 hours (subject to the terms and conditions as outlined in their multi-page disclosure packet available online) plus the option for you to continue the policy thereafter.


*Deworming is performed at the recommended dosing/schedule as instructed by our affiliated veterinarians.  If a positive fecal sample results from your required first vet exam, deworming treatments will be provided per the terms of your contract.

Can't Adopt? FOSTER!

Foster care allows dogs/cats to live in a home environment while awaiting permanent placement. A home environment is essential (less stress) for pets who are pregnant, nursing or still too young to be adopted. Apply below to learn more!