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As of December 15, 2020:  We are continuing with the rescue and adoption of homeless pets, however we have significantly changed our processes to ensure the safety and well-being of our volunteers, fosters and adopters.   Our facility is closed to the public but still serving as a safe space for pets in our care, therefore we are still seeking volunteers and fosters.  Due to the increased desire to adopt, we are currently not accepting new applications for dogs or puppies but will still continue to accept applications for kittens and cats.  We anticipate re-opening our applications for pre-approved adopters again during “2021 Puppy Season” (February-ish).  We greatly appreciate everyone looking to adopt and we recommend visiting your local walk-in shelters and giving the pets in need there a chance, though we beg you all not to entertain the breeder industry (who are taking advantage of the current “lack of adoptable pets” due to COVID and capitalizing on the increased demand for pets).  Thank you all for supporting us and other rescue organizations at this time, we are sincerely grateful!

If you submitted an application – you will hear from an Adoption Coordinator shortly.  If it has been more than 7 days, please email  If you have already been in touch with an Adoptions Coordinator, please contact them directly for status updates and additional information regarding your application status.  If you are not sure who your Adoption Coordinator is, please email  If you have not submitted an application – this is the first step before any additional conversations will occur.  If you have not applied, please visit our “Adopt” page.

We currently require adopters to have a residency in NJ to be considered for adoption.

We are currently at capacity and are unable to take in additional kittens/cats.  If you have found a feral cat, the best thing to do is work with an organization to have it Trapped and Neutered. 

If you find kittens outside and they do not look sick, PLEASE do not steal them from their mom, who is likely out hunting. 

If you have already taken in a feral cat or kitten and are not able to care for it yourself, please contact SAVE, K’s Kittens, Rebecca’s Rescues, Randall’s Rescues, Point Paws and Jersey Short Animal Center. 

For help with Trapping & Low Cost Altering, contact Animal Birth Control at 732-674-8670

All pets listed on our website or social media are available for adoption, though Pre-Approved adopters will be given first opportunity to select from our new arrivals. 

All Pre-Approved adopters may adopt from our available adoptables within 3 months from the time they are pre-approved. At this time, if you are listing a specific puppy or small, highly desirable dog as their first and/or only choice, it is highly unlikely that specific adoptable will be available by the time your application is approved.  We do not guarantee or hold any adoptable pet. 

Anyone interested in adopting is highly encouraged to consider opening your home to the many other dogs/cats/kittens that need homes that are available or to apply to become a Pre-Approved adopter.

All of our pets are “visual breed” identified.  This means the vet that looks over the pet makes a guess of breed based on a visual look. 

Please know this is proven to be highly inaccurate.  Therefore, we do not know or guarantee breeds – but we will provide the Vet’s visual breed typing from medical records.  It should not be assumed to be correct. 

Unless an adult already, puppies can grow anywhere from 5-95lbs! 

Regarding “hypoallergenic dogs” – we very rarely find them in kill-shelters and if we do, they are offered to pre-approved adopters before the general public. 

To see our adoptables – visit our “Adopt” page.

We very rarely find genuine and true “hypoallergenic” animals in kill-shelters and if we do, they are offered to pre-approved adopters before the general public. 

Please consider thoroughly reading about the truthfulness of hypoallergenic animals and exploring new allergy shots available and used safely by many animal loving humans.

We are not currently open to the public.  Pre-approved adopters may schedule Virtual or In Person Meet & Greets with adoptables with their Adoptions Coordinator. 

While this is subject to change – AFO will not be open to the public or holding events at our facility for the impending future.  Please continue to support us by following us on Facebook & Instagram.  Our adopters have been very satisfied with our new process, we are certain you will be too!

We are always looking to add to our Volunteer Team!  Due to COVID changes, 90% of volunteer training and onboarding is virtual.  New volunteers submit an application, attend a virtual orientation, complete an online training and then meet with a Trainer at the facility to apply all they learned!  Volunteers are asked to help at least twice a month in the facility.  To learn more, visit our volunteer page!

We are always looking to add to our Foster Team!  We go on rescue missions approximately every 4-5 weeks and always need temporary homes for puppies, kittens and adult dogs and cats! 

We do not allow “Foster for Keeps” to first time fosters.  We recommend reading over the Foster Page below for additional details.

We appreciate tangible and monetary donations! 

To donate online, please visit our Facebook page and click the Donate button! 

We also accept checks payable to “All Fur One” and mailed directly to our facility. 

We currently cannot accept linens but do accept partially opened bags of food (must be sealed tight when dropped off). 

Tangible items can be left at our front door from 9am-4pm. 

We have multiple Wishlists which can be on our “Wishlists” page.

Thank you for supporting us!

If you recently had your adopted puppy spayed/neutered, please send a copy of the Spay/Neuter Certificate to . 

In the body of the email please list the pet’s ADOPTED name, your current mailing address AND phone number.  Thank you!