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All Fur One is filled with rescued pets willing to be your loyal companion, best friend and family member!

Your new pet is ready and excited to meet you!

 *This Adoptables page is updated weekly and pets listed are currently available, though may have pending applications.  We encourage you to complete an application on a specific dog/puppy in case the pending application falls through or to be placed on the Pre-Approved Adopter list!  

Meet and Greets for pets in foster care can be scheduled after becoming a Pre-Approved Adopter.  

All dogs in the AFO facility are available to meet via walking on weekends from 12pm-4pm!


At AFO Since: January 24, 2020

Where to Meet Me: AFO Facility

My Age: 6 yrs

About Me: He loves getting spoiled by his foster mom and going for short walks. He is just 13 pounds Chihuahua mix, house broken and would be a prefect family doggie! 


Spayed female

At AFO Since: February 21, 2020

Where to Meet Me: Foster

My Age: 4 yrs young

About Me
: She is a bundle of love and joy with eyes that make you go awww. She enjoys playing outside, face massages, doesn’t mind baths, and wants all the cuddles (ALL of them 😊). She’s a good girl that is excited to meet her forever home fam! Will that be you?


From The Snacks Litter

At AFO Since: January 24, 2020

Where to Meet Me: Foster

My Age: 11 Weeks

About Us: Only 11 weeks old and oh so sweet. Their foster mom adores them and their cute fluffy faces! They cant wait to meet their forever home family.


Available for Adoption: Pringle

Adopted: Triscuit, Frito, Tostito, and Cheeto

Updated on 3/30/2020

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