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Volunteer Resource Center

volunteer resource center

A “One Stop Shop” for all things AFO Volunteer Related!


We use various platforms to communicate relevant and important information.  This section includes POINTS OF CONTACT, Facebook Groups, Schedules, etc.

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Hands on training is the best – but we understand not every trainer is the exact same and volunteers learn at different paces.  For anyone looking to brush up on specific skills or needing an elaborate explanation (with quizzes for self-feedback) to make sure you are confident in your abilities, this section contains a “home based” training experience for all facets of volunteering.

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manuals & checklists

Everyone learns differently – but the rules stay the same.  All manuals and checklists are provided in this section in case you need a refresher or haven’t handled a certain situation in a while and need a reference.

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ALL volunteers are encouraged to become an approved foster!  Fostering is critical to our mission and allows us to rescue more animals than we are able to care for at the facility.  There are short term (day trips and overnight), average (2-3wks) and long term (pregnant mommas) foster opportunities.  This is a comprehensive detailing of the process, manuals, additional info, etc.

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monthly updates

Check out the month by month disclosure of our rescue/adoption efforts and financials.

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kids under 18

We are one of very few rescue organizations that allow for minors to volunteer.  We expect parents to respect the rules in place regarding children of various ages and to be mindful that kid volunteers are still volunteers – and should be learning the importance of offer their time and help, which make a “larger picture” impact.  

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