We are continuing with the rescue and adoption of homeless pets, however we have significantly changed our adoption process to ensure the safety and well-being of our volunteers, fosters and adopters.  We are not making any exceptions and are unwilling to cater to any demands for physical meet and greets with adoptable pets.  For more details, please visit our adoptions page.  In addition, we are seeing an increase in offers to foster – if you are interested please fill out a Volunteer Form and complete the foster section.  We do not allow for “foster to adopt” and we do not allow for the fostering of a single puppy/kitten as it is not in the best interest for the animals.  Further, we have had a significant increase in adoption applications – we are grateful and appreciate everyone’s patience as we are processing applications as quickly as possible.  Please do not send us an email letting us know you completed an application as this will not expedite your request to adopt.  Thank you all for supporting us at this time  and your interest in adopting!

All Fur One's mission is to create a community of like-minded individuals with a passion for animals that strive to reduce the homeless pet population through rescue, safe harbor, proper care and camaraderie.
and we want YOU to join us!

promoting mental wellness for pets

Our entire facility is designed to promote mental wellness for rescued pets, focusing on detraumatization and transitioning from "shelter animal" to "loving, family pet".


AFO is located in (Silverton) Toms River, NJ.  Our newly constructed, 2,300 square foot rescue facility provides a safe space for homeless dogs and cats that are waiting to be adopted by their fur-ever families.  

Our well thought out rescue is unique – sporting a large, indoor play room for the dogs and two free roaming cat rooms!   We also offer a comfy volunteers’ lounge filled with all the snacks and coffee you can imagine!  We know that happy volunteers make for happy rescued pets!


kennel & cage free viewing areas

During public viewing hours, all adoptable pets can be seen walking/playing freely in their respective areas.  Puppies romp around with their littermates, dogs socialize in their playroom and cats/kittens walk freely in their roaming rooms.  We understand the importance of seeing a pets’ truest potential in your home – so we created as much of a home environment in the facility as we possibly could in the hope to encourage adoptions!  


join our volunteer team


Most of our pets will be rescued from kill shelters and overpopulated areas both within the United States and Internationally.  All pets will be provided with the best care possible at our rescue.  Pregnant moms, puppies and kittens under 8 weeks will be placed only in foster homes until they are ready for adoption!


There's more than one way to become a critical part of the animal rescue community. Adopters, donors, sponsors, volunteers, fosters and even those who help us spread awareness on social media ALL matter and ALL make a difference! We are looking for a lot of help in many different ways as we continue to develop this organization. Stay current by following us on Facebook & Instagram!

Contact Info

Our facility is located in Anchorage Square behind 7-11 right off of Hooper Avenue.  We are currently open to the public.

1747 Hooper Avenue, Ste 11, Silverton (Toms River), NJ 08753

Phone: 732-ALL-FUR-1 (732-255-3871)

General Email:   

Adoptions Follow Up: 

Pre-Approved Adopter Hours:  By Appointment Only

Public Hours:  Our facility is currently closed to the public due to COVID-19 and all rescued animals are safe in foster homes.