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As an All Fur One (AFO) volunteer, understanding general rescue/shelter practices and the impact shelter trauma has on the mental well-being of these animals is critical.  This volunteer training course is designed to help you better engage with our rescued pets and support the needs of the organization through understanding and application of necessary safety and preventative protocols.

Online training will prepare you so that as a new volunteer, you feel comfortable and confident engaging in our everyday practices on the first day you enter the rescue facility.  Once you have completed this course, you will be provided with a link to sign up for an in-person shadow training with an experienced volunteer so you can apply the knowledge you have hands-on.    Our intention with eTraining was to create a platform that caters to the safety restrictions of COVID concerns while simultaneously allowing for the continued recruiting and onboarding of new volunteers.   Our goal is that all volunteers are provided the exact same information and learning experience and have the same level of confidence to apply necessary protocols when donating time at the facility.

The first 6 modules shown above are broken into units/lessons that cover different topics of importance.  At the end of each lesson, there will be a short overview quiz consisting of true/false and multiple choice questions. In order to go onto the next lesson, you must mark the current lesson you are working on as “Complete”.  The 7th module is a “Final Overview” – this is a comprehensive overview quiz consisting again of true/false and multiple choice questions. None of the quizzes are not “pass/fail” – they are merely tools to help you communicate to your shadow trainer what areas require additional discussion, examples or clarification.  In addition, it provides important feedback to the Volunteer Team regarding which areas trainers need to be paying special attention to as a general whole or potentially need additional content clarification within the course.

Our goal is for everyone to feel confident regarding their responsibilities, in turn, this prioritizes the safety and well-being of both our volunteers and animals.  You will have indefinite access to this etraining course so you can look over whatever details you feel necessary after facility shadow training and if in the future,you feel the need to brush up on some protocols or rules.

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