All Fur One & One Fur All!

Engagement Team

Engagement Team


Slack Communication Channel

The primary communication tool for this team.  This is a free app that can be downloaded onto your phone or used on a desktop.   Simply click the link and follow the prompt instructions.



Buzz Online Access

This is our management software system and includes access to volunteer forms for note taking and updates for individual volunteers.  Your login will always be your LAST NAME and then an initial password provided by the team leader which you can change at your convenience.  If you lose your password, your team leader can reset it for you.




Orientation & Facility Sign Ups

We currently use "Sign Up" as our schedule feature.  New volunteers must create a login to use this system.  They can download the app via mobile ($1-2) or they can keep the website link saved on their phone Homepage for ease of access.


*Volunteers should complete the orientations specific to their Volunteer Opportunity preferences.


*Dog Walkers should come at least 3 times with another volunteer present before coming in alone.

*Dog Caretakers should shadow-shift at least 3 times before signing up alone.

*Cat Caretakers should shadow-shift at least 2 times before signing up alone.


Volunteer Opportunities Outline

Dog Walkers:
• Can come any time between 5am - 8pm
• Must take Dog Behavior Training
• Must be a regular (minimum once a week)
• Should tend to spot cleaning only

Dog Caretakers:
• Come between 5am – 8am & 5pm – 7pm
• Must take Dog Orientation Training
• Focus on feeding and medicating dogs and full sanitization of kennels
• Buddy Pass Eligible

Cat Caretakers:
• Come between 5am-10am & 4pm-8pm
• Must take Cat Orientation Training
• Focus on feeding and medicating cats and full sanitization of cat areas
• Buddy Pass Eligible

• Can come anytime between 8am - 5pm
• Must take Dog Behavior Training
• Must be a regular (minimum once a week)
• Should tend to spot cleaning only
• Buddy Pass Eligible

Facility Fosters:
• Can come anytime between 5am - 8pm
• Assigned to 1-2 dogs per month
• Must take Dog Orientation Training
• Must be a regular (minimum 2 times a week)
• Tend to full kennel cleaning, feeding, medications, bio writing, photography, socializing, daytrips or sleepovers
• Buddy Pass Eligible

Content Coordinators:
• Can come anytime between 8am - 8pm
• Minimum bi-weekly sessions
• Coordinate with fosters in home and come in to facility to take photos of pets, volunteers engaging with pets and adoption days, etc
• Must take Dog Orientation if planning to be hands on with the dogs
• Otherwise must be in facility any shift another volunteer is also in the facility

School & Scouts Coordinators:
• Assigned to develop and coordinate with schools and scout troops to educate and encourage humane treatment of animals and responsible pet ownership.

Adoption Events Attendees:
• Can come between 9:30am – 12:30pm
• Focus is on weekend adoption events at AFO or offsite
• Must attend 2 weekend events per month

Tidy Uppers:
• Can come between 10am – 5pm
• Must take Facility Orientation Training
• Focus on organization and general upkeep of non-pet areas to include storage room, laundry, volunteer lounge, reception area, bathrooms (not to include scrubbing toilets), all hallways and dog playroom
• Buddy Pass Eligible

Social Media Coordinators:
• Virtual volunteer opportunity
• Focus on media collection requests and content organization

Foster Families:
• Caring for animals in their home until adopted
• Provide social media content for pet promotion
• Facilitate transportation of pets to the facility on Adoption Days

Adoption Coordinators:
• Virtual volunteer opportunity
• Process adoption forms (make phone calls, vet checks, education convos)



New Shift & Facility Cleaning Protocols


Shifts will be AM/PM with 4 hour windows.

Primary Focus:

  • Feeding
  • Refreshing Water & Bowls
  • Scooping Boxes
  • Quick Spot Clean Floors & Condos
  • Socializing & Free Play

*Primary Focus items should be done on each shift.


Secondary Focus:

  • Sweeping & Mopping Floors
  • Windex Windows
  • Brushing Cat Trees
  • Replacing Beds
  • Turning Over Litter Boxes
  • Fully Sanitizing Condo Spaces



Critical Shifts are AM/PM with walk-in hours between.

Primary Focus:

  • Feeding
  • Walking
  • Refreshing Water & Bowls
  • Quick Spot Clean Floors & Risers
  • Socializing & Group Play

*Primary Focus items should be done each time someone is in the facility.


Secondary Focus:

  • Full Sanitization & Scrubbing of Kennels to include floors, bars, walls, kennel row and playroom.

*Secondary Focus items should be done no less than 3 times a week for any one kennel or playroom though days do not have to be the same and can be done as needed or as time permits for each volunteer on shift.


  • Kennel 1 Full Scrub: Mon, Tues, Fri
  • Kennel 2 Full Scrub: Mon, Weds, Thurs
  • Playroom Scrub: Mon, Weds, Sat