"Donating is not just about giving money or items... it's being a part of making a difference by actively supporting the ideas and efforts you believe in."


We are always in need of food, litter and supplies for fosters and our facility.  There are several wishlists to choose from if you would like to purchase tangible items and have them sent directly to us.

Mission Pawsible

All those who may not be able to adopt or foster but want to directly participate in and contribute to our bi-monthly rescue missions are able to specifically donate towards the expenses incurred to pull an animal out of a kill shelter, have it evaluated and brought current on veterinary care.  Those joining on any mission will be allowed to name their rescued pet and will be given updates while in AFO’s care and of course, notified when their rescued pet has been adopted!

35 Heroes

Every month 35 “Heroes” step into their power and donate $35 or more.  These funds are specifically dedicated to the facility expenses associated with feeding, veterinary upkeep and supplies necessary to tend to the (on average) 50 rescued animals a month that are safely housed and cared for at our facility each month.  Monthly Heroes will be provided with an “AFO Hero Herald” (an e-newsletter) detailing the total expenses for each respective month, the financial burden lifted by the Heroes for benefit of AFO, all animals that were cared for in the facility plus adoption updates!

Donor Wall

Our Donor Wall is a tribute to those who supported AFO during the construction and development phase in 2019, helping us create an amazing temporary home for our rescued pets.  In consideration of our facility closing to the public, we have transitioned this to a Virtual Donor Wall.